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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Zhenhai Toys - Ningbo Zhenhai Wantang Toys Factory

No. 189 Zhenhai Yufan East Road

No.1238 Luodong Road
Zhenhai District

Phone: 0086-57486453
Fax: 0086-57486457
See also: Magic Source

The company is one of the many new names cropping-up (written summer 2016) on Alibaba and other platforms, adopting the new Chinese directive to create domestic brand image rather than just sub-contract generics for Western traders, although it appears to have established a relationship with Magic Source in the 'States. This Company is reported to specialise in games and 'game sets' for adults and children, toys and leisure products.

Estimated sales of $10M-US and a staff of 402 puts it in the medium to large bracket. All information taken from dodgy click-bait/aggregator or subscription sites found through Google. There are several other 'Ningbo' plants in crafts, toys and plastics, so probably a State-owned co-op of some kind?

Known Listings
Rack Toys
0154 - Military Superpower (crude Matchbox 8th Army piracies)

Saturday, 6 August 2016

ZZ - ZZ Riesen - ZZ Riesen Farm - ZZ Riesen Zoo

Schnelsen, Hamburg, DE 22457, West Germany - via Hong Kong

Flourished 1973-1990's

See also:
R. Dakin & Company (San Francisco, California, USA)
Skyline Inc. (P.O. Box 61, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA)

Herr Ingo Roggatz set up as an importer (US - 'jobber') and/or registered the ZZ logo of two superimposed Z's in the - then - West Germany on the 19th of May, 1973, the trademark was awarded on the 4th March 1975. The company may be extant, but the registration of the trademark has lapsed or been surrendered - "Registration Cancelled"?

Mr Roggatz (or his successor) now seems to be trading as Nordblume GmbH a floristry and giftware wholesaler. He originally imported toys, gifts and general home-ware, a good deal of which came from the - then - British Crown Colony of Hong Kong, latterly just 'China'. Generics were overprinted or ink-stamped with the ZZ logo, and two lines carried the Riesen prefix; Riesen Farm and Riesen Zoo, as a range. The 60mm Wild West were mould-marked ZZ in raised letters, as was some of the Riesen animal range.

A debate about the graphics of the header-cards on these bags is ongoing; there were three styles (two farm - numbered and unnumbered; and one zoo), they all bearing a more than passing resemblance to the earlier packaging of Storck Riesen Schocolade, small chocolate-covered toffees.

The similarities between:

·         Names (Riesen)
·         Graphics (outlined balloon-font and squashed balloon-font lettering)
·         Target market (children and/or their  pocket money)
·         Time (1970's) and . . .
·         Market locations (Germany and the USA - also fans of the edible Riesens!)

is beyond coincidence, the only question is whether there was a link between ZZ and Storck or just some clever scamming by ZZ.

Increasingly it looks as if ZZ were deliberately trying to link their product to the chocolate candies, although a publicity or 'premium' link can't yet be ruled-out, particularly when you consider that Storck were also shipping their toffees to Hong Kong, where the toy products were coming from.

The US issues were handled by R. Dakin (who claimed to have "Exclusive distribution in USA…") and Skyline Inc. They both also claimed the products were made (and 'Hand Painted') in West Germany, when they were in fact HK knock-offs. Dakin may only have handled the Farm, but Skyline handled both.

The fact that one claimed exclusive rights is probably explained by the way territories were divided-up in the US market, one taking the West Coast salesmen (Dakin), the other the East Coast (Skyline), it's easy to see how Dakin - to impress customers - would make a claim they knew to be incorrect, as they also knew their bags would never been seen next to Skylines'. It should be noted that the stickers on both sets of imports clearly came from the same (German or HK?) source.

Skyline were a jobber in similar vein to ZZ, importing/carrying inflatable beach/play furniture, Halloween trick-or-treat bags, Japanese-made train sets, 'Shrinky-Dinks' and such-like.

Dakin were probably similar at the time, also sourcing stuffed toys and teddy bears, however they went on to make a fortune off the back of Garfield the cartoon cat merchandise licenses and became a major manufacturer of soft toys, famously commissioning the Dakin Building, on the San Francisco Bay in Brisbane, California…well, it's 'famously' if you're also a student of architecture or Star Wars!

Among ZZ's other toys were tin-plate Christmas tree decorations, some ex-Giant product (Wild West) and copies of British and European 'Cowboys & Indians' (Native Americans) in both 54 and 60mm, these were above the usual HK quality - as were the Riesen range - but if ZZ were dealing with pan-national jobbers like Dakin, Skyline and the Rosenberg's Giant, that's not so surprising.

Product Listing
Plastic Figures
Generic Packaging (over stamped/printed with ZZ logotype)
- [Carded foot (6) and mounted (6) Indians and 2 wagons] (all mounted on ex-Giant 'Smoothie', with 'Mexican Small' draft horses)

Nr.2715 (?) - Westernfiguren (Timpo Mexican copies, likely to be vinyl/polyethylene mix of parts)

- Cowboys, Foot (various)
- Cowboys, Mounted (various)
- Indians, Foot (various)
- Indians, Mounted (various)
900 - Horse

Reisen Branded Animal Ranges
Reisen Farm (Hausser Elastolin 1:25th scale copies, graphics seem to deliberately mimic Riesen Schocolade graphics, two sets of header cards, one set numbered sequentially 36##, the others unnumbered)
Art.No.3602 - Pferd Fressend (horse grazing, Hausser Elastolin - Nr. 3812)
Art.No.3606 -
Art.No.3609 -
Art.No.3610 -
Art.No.3611 - Schäferhund (sheepdog - Alsatian, x2)
Art.No.3613 -
Art.No.3616 -
Art.No.3617 -
Art.No.3618 -
- Duck (mallard, same moulding as goose - may go together in one pack)
- Goose (same moulding as duck - may go together in one pack)
- Horse Prancing
- Horse Standing (Hausser Elastolin copy)
- Heavy Horse
- Foal Gambolling (Elastolin copy?)
- Two Horses
- Goat (Elastolin copy?)
- Bull (Aberdeen Angus?)
- Donkey/Ass (x2?)
- Der Hahn (The Hens - x6)
- Cockerels (x6, Elastolin copies?)
- Doves (seem to be 20 in 2 poses, Elastolin or Preiser copies?)

Riesen Zoo (nominally 1:25th scale (Elastolin copies) but some up-scaled Britains copies, graphics seem to deliberately mimic Riesen Schocolade graphics)
Art.No.2672 - Das Känguruh (The Kangeroo, Elastolin copy?)
Art.No.2673 -
Art.No.2674 -
Art.No.2675 - Das Renteir (The Reindeer, design?)
Art.No.2676 -
Art.No.2677 -
Art.No.2678 - Der Warter (The Keepers, x2, Britains copies, enlarged, 1 with meat on pole, 1 with bass-broom)
Art.No.2679 -
Art.No.2680 -
Art.No.2681 -
Art No.2682 -
Art.No. 2683 - Panther (unique design?)
- Pelican (x2 ex-Britains mouth open, wings closed pose)
- Sea Lion (Britains copies)
- Giraffe (Hausser Elastolin copy)
- Hippopotamus  (Hausser Elastolin copy)
- Elephant  (Hausser Elastolin copy)
- Antelope (Hausser Elastolin copy)
- Penguins (1 each - x3 poses, Britains copies)
- Zebra (Hausser Elastolin copy)
- Tiger (Hausser Elastolin copy)
- Moose (unique design?)
- Rhinoceros (Hausser Elastolin copy)
- Black/Brown Bear (same moulding as Polar Bear, unique design?)
- Polar Bear (same moulding as Black/Brown Bear, unique design?)
- Lion and Lioness (hard hollow styrene polymer? Hausser Elastolin copy)
- American Buffalo/Bison  (Britains copies)
- Flamingos (x2, Britains copies)                       

Tin-Plate Christmas Tree Hangers
'Series 1' (probably numbered 1-10 on boxes)
Smaller Toys (Chinese (?) re-issues of old Japanese (?) or German penny-toy designs)
10 - Graf Zeppelin
? - Bi-plane (with German WWI balkankreutzen)
? - Monoplane
? - Flying Boat / Sea-plane 'DO 18'
Larger Toys (same note applies)
? - Horse-Tram / Railcar 'Pferde Bahn15 Altona St Paula' (no horses)
? - 19thC Steam Locomotive 'Nurnburg-Furth'
? - 20thC Steam Locomotive 'DB 1571 Express'
? - Motorcycle and Sidecar 'Sport'
? - Omnibus '103 Nivia-Puder'
? - Fire Engine Ladder Truck 'Falke 13'

ZZ on Home Blog

What This Entry Needs
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Fuller product listing
Animals linked with correct bag numbers and German language titles

Thursday, 24 March 2016

20mm Nostalgia Revival - 20mm Nostalgic Revival

2008-12, (flourished 2010/11)

See also: Douglas Miniatures, Les Higgins, Niblett and Wodensfeld

John 'old John' Cunningham - Founder/Owner
This company is/was (?) obtaining old moulds and getting them back into production, in the works are/were figures from Douglas (Crimean War troops) and Niblett's English Civil War range. Recent emails have proved fruitless and I seem to remember someone saying the project was handed-over/taken-over by a third-party so…? Nothing has been announced since 2011, with no new blog posts since 2012

Known Range
Original Sculpts (20mm)
- Wellington in India (Sepoys)
- Akalis Fanatics (19th century Sikhs)

- Arqubusiers de Grassin (1740's, Harquebusiers)
- Irish Piquets (1740's, Pickets)

- Polish Troops (17th century)
American Civil War (ex-Wodensfeld)
- James Longstreet
- Major Taylor
- Officer in Kepi (2 versions)
- Officer in Hat (2 versions)
- Robert E Lee
- Stonewall Jackson
Other Sourced Vintage Moulds (20mm)
- English Civil War (ex-Les Higgins)
- Seven Years War (ex-Wodensfeld)
- Marlburian Period (ex- Douglas Miniatures/Les Higgins)

20mm Nostalic Revival Blog

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12 Inches Factory

Vordere Esch 4, 72224 Ebhausen, Germany
(and on-line)

Tel: (0049) (0)7054 - 9294777

Manuel Holz- owner
1/6th scale action figures/doll modeller, seem to produce some aftermarket parts, namely; replacement heads along with helmets and Hitler Youth drums. Also there is a small range of .pdf files which I'm guessing are tutorials on dressing and super-detailing 12-inch military dolls.

PDF Documents
- XX Police Division
- 169th Infantry Division
- Volksgrenadierdivision Aachen1944
- Battle with the Pig
- Gasmaskenbüchse
- Falaise Pocket
- Installing Glass Eyes in a Dragon Head
- Mg. Gunner Russia 1943 Charkov
- Panzerfaust
- Repaint with Acrylics
- Sculpting BlainVentura
- Tutorial-Handgrenade
- US Medic Tanker 1944

What This Entry Needs
Whatever anyone thinks it does!
Better/definitive product listing

5 & 10 Corps - Five-and-dime Corps

Austin, Texas, USA (defunct)

Ed Poole - Founder/owner
All details taken from Rodney's Dimestore website (see link below)

The figures are quite rare as they were only ever traded, not sold, although a Ron Eccles does produce them for retail now apparently, although I couldn't find him on the 'net. Dealers do carry them occasionally and both a history of the moulds and the odd figure will be found on the below link to Rodney's Dimestore, from where this listing was obtained.

I'm assuming they are 54mm/60mm whitemetal solids in a 'dime-store' style with larger accessories in resin. Most figures were available in campaign hat, tin helmet ('Brodie' or British pattern), or peaked service caps.

The Veterans
1 - X-Ray Technician
2 - Folding-stock Tommy Gunner
3 - Kneeling with 30cal. Machine-gun
4 - Flamethrower
5a - Sharpshooter
5b - Prone with Rifle
6a - Running Ammo Carriers, .30 & .50cal.
6b - Running Ammo Carriers, 37mm
7 - Prone with Air-Cooled .30cal Light Machine-gun
8a - Prone Lewis Gunner
8b - Prone B.A.R. Gunner
9 - Kneeling Firing Pistol
10 - Kneeling with .50cal. Machine-gun
11a - Prone with .50cal. Ammo
11b - Prone with .30cal. Ammo
12 - Prone, Firing 45
13 - Prone, Firing Tommy Gun
14a - Gesturing Defiantly with U.S. Flag & Pistol
14b - Gesturing Defiantly with German Uniform, Flag & Pistol
15 - Officer Standing, Arm Up
16 - Prone with Pistol Raised
17 - Seated Officer with Map
18 - Wounded, Falling

19 Series - Armored Corps Personnel (circa 1938, in leather helmets, goggles and high boots)
19a - Seated Tank Commander
19b - Prone Tommy Gunner
19c - Charging Tommy Gunner
19d - Standing

20 Series - More Lewis Gunners
20a - Lewis Machine Gun on Anti-Aircraft Mount
20b - Kneeling Gunner to Fire Lewis Gun Looking Up
20c - Kneeling Lewis Ammo Loader Looking Up
20d - Kneeling Sgt. with Binoculars Looking Up
20e - Standing Officer with Binoculars Looking Up
20f - Soldier Crouching Firing Lewis Gun
20g - Kneeling Lewis Gun Loader
20h - Soldier Running with 2 Lewis Ammo Pouches
20i - Soldier Carrying Detachable Lewis Gun on Shoulder, Leading Dog with Ammunition Pouches
20j - Soldier Firing Lewis Gun Skyward from the Other's Shoulder (two figures)
Set 20a-e - Lewis Machine Gun on Anti-Aircraft Mount with Crew
Set 20f-g - Lewis Trench Gunners

21 Series - Attention
21a - Slung Rifle
21b - Slung B.A.R.
21C - Slung Tommy Gun (with box magazine)
21C - Slung Tommy Gun (with drum magazine)
21d - Slung Lewis Gun
21e - Officer with Holstered Pistol & Binoculars
21f - Rifle at 'Port Arms'
21g - B.A.R. at 'Port Arms'
21h - Tommy Gun at 'Port Arms' (with box magazine)
21h - Tommy Gun at 'Port Arms' (with drum magazine)
21i - Lewis Gun at 'Port Arms'
21j - Lewis Gun Loaded with Drum at 'Ready'
21k - Rifle at 'Order Arms'
21l - B.A.R. at 'Order Arms'
21m - Thompson SMG at 'Order Arms'
21n - Lewis Gun at 'Order Arms'
21o - Rifle at 'Slope Arms'

22 Series - Colour Bearers
22a - U.S. Flag (charging)
22a - U.S. Flag (marching)
22b - Branch of Service Flag (charging)
22b - Branch of Service Flag (marching)
22c - Guidon (charging)
22c - Guidon (marching)
22d - Five & Dime Corps Flag (charging)
22d - Five & Dime Corps Flag (marching)

23 Series - Charge of the 5 & 10 Corps
23a - Rifle at 'Port Arms'
23b - Tommy Gun at 'Port Arms'
23c - B.A.R. at 'Port Arms'
23d - Pistol at Ready
23e - Bugler, Rifle Slung
23f - Rifle at 'Trail'
23g - Tommy Gun at the 'Trail'
23h - B.A.R. at the 'Trail'
23i - Lewis Gun at the 'Trail'
23j - Rifle Slung
23k - Tommy Gun Slung
23l - B.A.R. Slung
23m - Lewis Machine Gun Slung
23n - Lewis Machine Gun on Shoulder
23o - Lewis Machine Gun at 'Port Arms'
23p - Air-Cooled Browning .30cal. LMG on Shoulder
24 - ?

25 Series - Colour Bearers at Attention
25a - U.S. Flag
25b - Guidon
25c - Red Cross Flag
25d - Branch of Service Flag
25e - 5 & 10 Corps Flag

26 Series - Machine Gunners (Choice between a Browning .30cal water-cooled MG, a .50cal water-cooled MG or .50cal air-cooled MG with AA mount)
26a - Running Gun on Shoulder
- Running Tripod on Shoulder
- Seated holding Gun
- Seated holding Tripod
- Seated with Ammo Boxes
- Browning .30 cal. Machine Gun on Tripod
- Kneeling Gunner to fire Machine Gun
- Prone Feeding Ammo Belt from Box
- Crouching with 2 Ammo Boxes
- Prone with 2 Reserve Ammo Boxes
- Kneeling Sgt. with Binoculars
- Sgt. Running, Walking or Seated with Binoculars & Pistol and or Thompson Machine Gun

27 Series - Mortars (81mm mortar or components)
- Running Mortar Tube on Shoulder
- Running Tripod On Shoulder
- Running with Base Plate
- Running with Ammo Pouches
- Seated Holding Mortar Tube
- Seated with Bipod
- Seated with Base Plate
- Seated with Ammo Pouches
- Walking Mortar Tube on Shoulder
- Walking Bipod on Shoulder
- Walking with Base Plate
- Walking with Ammo Pouches
- Mortar, 81mm 3 (Components, Folding Bipod)
- Kneeling to Aim Mortar
- Kneeling to Load Mortar
- Crouching to Load Mortar
- Kneeling with Binoculars
- Crouching with Ammo Bags

Weapon Carts - To the Front Series (two Soldiers or Marines or Sailors, standing or running, pulling heavy/support weapon on a wheeled cart - pre-WWII. Each can be displayed with weapon mounted or dismounted)
- Water Cooled Machine Gun
- 81mm Mortar
- Lewis Gun
- Ammo Cart (No Weapon)

Trench Guns (M1916 37mm, each with soldiers or two marines)
32a - 37mm Trench Gun Pulled on Detachable Wheels by 2 Figures Standing or Running
32b - 37mm Trench Gun Fired from Tripod by 4- man Crew, Prone
33c - 37mm Trench Gun Fired from Wheeled Carriage by 4- man Crew, Prone

34 Series - Seated Soldiers (intended for trucks, crews or bivouac scenes)
34a - Driver (or typist, sewing-machine operator or pianist)
34b - Soldier Holding Rifle, B.A.R. or Tommy Gun
34c - Radio Operator (no radio)
34d - Holding Lewis Gun
34e - Holding Air-Cooled LMG
34f - Holding Drawn Pistol
34g - Holding-on to His Hat

35 Series - Artillerymen
35a - Standing with Shell
35b.Kneeling with Shell
35c. Rangefinder

35d. Officer in Peaked Cap with Binoculars
- Crouching Officer, Arm Upraised
- Gun Captain, Arm Upraised, Kneeling
35g - Gun Trainer, Crouching
35h - Gun Pointer, Kneeling
35i - Gunner, Crouching with Trail-spike
35j - Forward Observer, Prone with Field Telephone and Pistol
35k - Forward Observer, Prone with Binoculars and Pistol
35l - Field Gun (ex-Barclay No.2; Long Range Cannon - with shield, wheels & camouflage paint added)
35m - Standing with Shell or Powder Bag (in various sizes)
35n - Officer Peering Through Battery Commander's Telescope on Tripod
35o - Officer Looking Through Spotting Telescope on Tripod
35p - Gunner with Aiming Circle on Tripod
35q - Gunner with Map Board on Tripod
35r - Officer Pointing

36 - ?
37 - ?

38 Series - Signal Corps (featuring 'The Newsreelers')
38a - Running with Newsreel Camera and Folding Tripod
38b - Running with Movie Film Cans
38c - Standing Operator with Movie Camera
38d - Prone with Movie Camera
38e - Soldier Talking on Field Telephone-Standing, Seated or Prone
38f - Officer in Peaked Cap Talking on Phone-Standing, Seated or Prone
38g - Radio Operator with Radio and 2 Chests
38h - Flag Signalman (ex-All Nu pose)
38i - Telegrapher, Prone with Morse Set
38j - Soldier with Messenger Dog
39 - ?

40 Series - Medics
40a - Running Stretcher on Shoulder

40b - Running Stretcher on Trail
40c - Running Stretcher Team (2 men and stretcher)
40d - Wounded (ex-Barclay pose with added Hat)
40e - Standing with Stretcher on Shoulder
40f - Standing with Stretcher held Vertical
40g - Seated with First Aid Bag
40h - Standing Stretcher Team (2-man team and stretcher)
40i - Marching with Aid Box and Folded Stretcher
40j - Walking with Stretcher (2-man team and stretcher)
40J - Medic with Dog
40k - Crouching with First Aid Bag
40l - Chaplin Kneeling

40 Series - Vignettes
Set #40D - Larger Stretcher Team; 4 Men Running with Stretcher, One Holding onto his Hat
Set #40E - Larger Stretcher Team; 4 Men Walking, Carrying Stretcher on their Shoulder

Set #40F - 2 Medics Walking or Running, Pulling Cart with 4 Medical Store Boxes
41-49 - ?

50 Series - Bands (up to 13 pieces per band)
50a - Army Standing or Sitting
50b - Marines Standing
50c - Navy Standing or Marching
50d - Army, Jazz Band (varied number of black and white members, piano by either Eccles or Steinway)
51-59 - ?

6* Series - Naval Landing Party (blue or white uniforms)
Sailors Pulling Weapons Carts (standing or marching)
60a -.30 cal. Machine Gun
60b - 81mm Mortar
60c - Lewis Light Machine Gun
60d - Ammo Cart (No Weapon)

Sailors Standing or Marching (weapons slung)
61a - Rifle
61b - Tommy Gun
61c - B.A.R.
61d - Lewis Gun
61e - Lewis Loader

Sailors Standing or Marching (weapons at 'Port Arms')
62a - Rifle
62b - SMG
62c - B.A.R.
62d - Lewis Gun
62e - Lewis Gun Loader

63 - Naval Officer (standing or marching with holstered pistol)

Navy Medics
64a - Standing or Walking with Stretcher on Shoulder
64b - Kneeling with First Aid Bag
64c - Walking Stretcher Team (2 men, stretcher and ex-Barclay pose casualty painted as Marine)

Colour Bearers (marching or standing)
65a - U.S. Flag
65b - Navy Flag
65c - Guidon

Other Poses
66 - Bugler (standing or walking)

6* Series - Vignettes
Set #62 - Gun and Limber Pulled by 8 Sailors, Rifles Slung with CPO & Sailor Carrying Telescope
Set #63 - Gun and Limber in Action-Crew of 2 Sailors plus Kneeling Officer with Binoculars
Set #64 - Browning Heavy Machine Gun Firing-Served by Crew of 3 Kneeling Sailors, and Standing Cheif Petty Officer

67-69 - ?

70 Series - U.S. Marines and Bulldog Mascot (almost any 5 & 10 Corps figure can be done as a Marine)
70a/70b - ?
70c - Running with Ammo Boxes
70d - Prone with Tommy Gun
70e - Prone with Rifle
70f - Prone with Lewis Gun
70g - Gesturing Defiantly with U.S. Flag & Pistol

71 Series - Engineers (all engineers can have hat cords painted for infantry, artillery, &etc.)
71a - Walking with Tools-Shovel, Pick, Axe or Sledge Hammer
71b - 2 Men Walking with Timber Balk on Shoulders
71c - Prone with Bangalore Torpedo
71d - Crawling with additional Bangalore Section
71e - Kneeling with Wire Reel and Detonator
71E - Digging with Pick or Shovel
71f - Standing with Shovel, Wiping Brow
71g - Kneeling from Shovel, Drinking from Canteen
71h - Officer Standing or Walking, Pointing
71i - Seated with Axe, Sledge, Pick or Shovel
71j - Carrying Box (or Liquor Case!)

72 Series - Military Police (in campaign hats, helmets or peaked caps with M.P. arm-bands)
72a - Walking with Shotgun Slung or Ready
72b - Walking with Levelled Revolver
72c - Advancing with Vicious Dog, Heavily Armed

73 Series - Trench Fighters
73a - Standing, Chest Bare Rifle Ready
- Advancing Firing Revolver
- Advancing Firing Thompson SMG
- Standing Firing Thompson SMG
- Running Thompson SMG Ready
- Crouching with Pistol or Bayoneted Shotgun or Rifle and/or Grenade

74 Series - The Corps Salutes (saluting poses - to order)
74 Figure of choice painted as; Arm of Service (Soldiers, Sailors and Marines), + Rank (Officers, NCO's and Enlisted Men), + Pose (Standing, Marching or Seated Saluting) [You should never salute sitting down - you should stiffen your back to 'attention' and keep your hands together on your lap or the desk/table in front of you!]
75-79 - ?

80 Series - Vehicles (in scale with Barclay soldiers)
- Renault Tank (rotating metal turret, resin hull with rollers)
- 75mm Assault Gun and Crew (copied from vintage 1/36th scale recognition model)


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