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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Zhenhai Toys - Ningbo Zhenhai Wantang Toys Factory

No. 189 Zhenhai Yufan East Road

No.1238 Luodong Road
Zhenhai District

Phone: 0086-57486453
Fax: 0086-57486457
See also: Magic Source

The company is one of the many new names cropping-up (written summer 2016) on Alibaba and other platforms, adopting the new Chinese directive to create domestic brand image rather than just sub-contract generics for Western traders, although it appears to have established a relationship with Magic Source in the 'States. This Company is reported to specialise in games and 'game sets' for adults and children, toys and leisure products.

Estimated sales of $10M-US and a staff of 402 puts it in the medium to large bracket. All information taken from dodgy click-bait/aggregator or subscription sites found through Google. There are several other 'Ningbo' plants in crafts, toys and plastics, so probably a State-owned co-op of some kind?

Known Listings
Rack Toys
0154 - Military Superpower (crude Matchbox 8th Army piracies)

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