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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

1320 Inc. - 'Thirteen-Twenty'



See also: 1 Badd Ride

Produced die-cast models of 1:24th scale drag-racers, not known if they made figures, but it seems unlikely.

Known Range
The Fuelers
TT1102 - Bruce Wheeler's 'Wheeler Deeler' AA/FD Dragster (numbered limited edition of 3500, red, June 2001)           
TT1103 - Dick Kalivoda's 'Joker' AA/FD Dragster (numbered limited edition of 3500, blue and white, Aug. 2001)
TT1106 - Big Jim Dunn's 'Rainbow Dragster' (numbered limited edition of 5000, rainbow decoration, Feb. 2002)
TT1107 - "Sneaky" Pete Robinson's 'Tinker Toy V' (numbered limited edition of 5000, blue, Feb. 2002)
TT1108 - Tom 'Mongoose' McEwen  (numbered limited edition of 5000, black, white and gold, March 2002)
TT1109 - 'TV' Tommy Ivo  (numbered limited edition of 5000, red and orange, June 2002)
TT1110 - Keeling & Clayton "California Charger' (numbered limited edition of 5000, blue, July 2002)
Other Limited Editions
TT1111 - Gary Cochran's 'Mr. C' Dragster (numbered limited edition of 3500, white and blue, Sep. 2002)
TT1112 - Chris 'The Greek' Karamisine's Dragster (numbered limited edition of 3500 blue and white, Nov. 2002)
TT1113 - Don Garlits' 'Swamp Rat X' Dragster (limited edition of 5000, red, Jan. 2003)
[Notes - AA/FD dragsters are 'All American Fuel Dragsters' - nitro-burning 'Top Fuel' machines]
Standard Dragsters
TT1114 - Connie Kalitta's 'Bounty Hunter' Dragster (red and white, March 2003)
TT1115 - Kenny Safford's 'Gotelli Speed Shop' Dragster (blue and white,  May 2003)
TT1116 - Don Prudhomme's 'Wynn's Winder' Dragster (yellow, July 2003)
TT1117 - Howard Cam's 'Rattler' Dragster (orange, Sep. 2003)
TT1118 - Crietz & Donovan's Dragster (light blue, Dec. 2003)
TT1119 - Bennie "Wizard" Osborn's Dragster (red, March 2004)
TT1120 - Steve Carbone's Dragster (black, April 2004)
TT1121 - Roland Leong's 'The Hawaiian' Dragster (blue and white, Sep. 2004)     
TT1122 - Warren-Coburn-Miller's Dragster    (red, Nov. 2004)
TT1123 - Cow Palace Shell Dragster (red, yellow and blue, Feb. 2005)
TT1124 - Jim & Alison Lee's 'Great Expectations II' Dragster (yellow and blue May 2005)
TT1125 - Ramchargers Dragster (white and red, July 2005)
TT1126 - Jade Grenade Dragster (green, Feb. 2007)
TT1127 - Tom Hoover's Dragster (red, Dec. 2005)
The Floppers
TT1201 - Don 'The Shoe' Schumacher's Stardust Dragster (yellow, June 2002)
TT1202 - Don Cook's 'Damn Yankee' Dragster (red, white and blue, Sep. 2002)
TT1203 - Jim Dunn's 'Dunn & Reath' Dragster (purple, Dec. 2002)
TT1204 - Don Prudhomme's 'Army'   Dragster (white, red & blue, Feb. 2003)
TT1205 - Ed McCulloch's 'Whipple & McCulloch' Dragster (blue & red, April 2003)
TT1206 - Don Schumacher's 'Wonder Wagon' Dragster (white, June 2003)
TT1207 - Ron O'Donnell's 'Big Noise' Dragster (blue, Aug. 2003)
TT1208 - Candies & Hughes Dragster (two-tone blue and white, Oct. 2003)
TT1209 - Mike Mitchell 'The Hippie's Dragster (red, Feb. 2004)
TT1210 - 'Jungle Jim' Liberman's Dragster (blue, June 2004)
TT1211 - Jim Green's 'Green Elephant' Dragster (green, Aug. 2004)
TT1212 - Braskett & Burgin's Dragster (yellow, Oct. 2004)
TT1213 - Pisano & Matsubara's Dragster (yellow, Dec. 2005)
TT1214 - Al Bergler's 'Motown Shaker' Dragster (black and red, March 2005)
TT1215 - Mickey Thompson's Dragster (blue and white, June 2005)
TT1216 - Dick Harrell's Dragster (red, July 2005)
The Diggers
TT1301 - Don Garlit's 'Swamp Rat VI-A' Dragster (black, Jan. 2004)
TT1302 - Greer-Black-Prudhomme Dragster (yellow, March 2004)
TT1303 - Tom 'The Mongoose' McEwen's Yeakel Plymouth Special (purple, July 2004)
TT1304 - Don Garlit's Swamp Rat 8 Dragster (black, Dec. 2004)
TT1305 - Don Garlit's Swamp Rat 6B Dragster (black, Sep. 2005)
TT1306 - Art Malone Dragster (white, blue and red, May 2007)

TT2001- 'Christmas Tree' Stageing [sic] Lights (silver, Feb. 2005)
Other Cars
TT9101 - Kenny Bernstein's 'Forever Red' Dragster (numbered limited edition of 5000, red, April 2002)
TT9201 - Don Prudhomme's 40th Anniversary Funny Car (black and red, Dec. 2002)
TT9202 - Paint-It-Yourself (Limited Edition of 1000, white, Oct. 2005)

What This Entry Needs
More substance
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Proper company history and relationship with 1 Badd Ride

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