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Monday, 3 August 2015

1st Guards Studio

Russia - Online (link dead 2013)

Early 2010's

Andrew Bleskin, Michael Presnukhin, Dmitry Shevchuk and Sergey Zlobov - all sculptors

Founded in 2003 they flourished between then and late 2013, producing whitemetal (?) figures in 54, 75 and 90mm sizes, although I've found no evidence of the 75mm figures, and only the one cowboy in 90mm. They were also offering a commissioning service, the ability to have the castings painted by a third party, and the - professionally - painted figures used for publicity shots could also be ordered.

Known Ranges (sculptor in brackets)
Antique Ages 54mm (Ancients)
A54-0001 - Macedonian Warrior, 360-140 BC (Andrew Bleskin)
A54-0002 - Persian Warrior with Battle Shield, 360 - 140 BC (Andrew Bleskin)
A54-0003 - Persian Warrior, 360 - 140 BC (Andrew Bleskin)
A54-0004 - Persian Warrior with axe, 360-140 BC (Andrew Bleskin)
A54-0005 - Samnite Warrior, IV Century BC (unknown)
A54-0006 - Carthagian Warrior, 264-146 BC (Andrew Bleskin)
A54-0007 - Slinger, Bolearic Islands, IV- II BC (Andrew Bleskin)
A54-0008 - Celtic-Iberian Warrior, II BC (Andrew Bleskin)

Medievals 54mm
M54-0001 - Khan, Golden Horde, XIV Century (Dmitry Shevchuk)
M54-0002 - Mounted Mongol Standard Bearer, Golden Horde, XIV Century (Dmitry Shevchuk)
M54-0003 - Mongol Mounted Spearman, Golden Horde, XII-XIV Century (Dmitry Shevchuk)
M54-0004 - Khans Bodyguard. Golden Horde, XIV Century (Dmitry Shevchuk)
M54-0005 - Mounted Mongol Standard Bearer. Golden Horde, XIV Century (Dmitry Shevchuk)
M54-0006 - Medieval Halberdier, Europe, XV Century (Andrew Bleskin)
M54-0007 - Halberdier, Europe, XV Century (Andrew Bleskin)
M54-0008 - Archer. Europe, XV Century (Andrew Bleskin)
M54-0009 - Archer-marauder. England, XIV Century (Sergey Zlobov)
M54-0011 - Captain. Europe, XV Century (Sergey Zlobov)
M54-0012 - ?
M54-0013 - ?
M54-0014 - ?
M54-0015 Single combat, XIV Century (unknown)
M54-0016 Mounted Knight, XIII Century (unknown)

XVII-XVIII 54mm (Renaissance)
R54-0001 - Maison du Roi, the Musketeer, France, 1620-40 (Andrew Bleskin)
R54-0002 - Guard, the Officer. France, 1700 (Andrew Bleskin)
R54-0003 - Guard, the Officer. Ireland, 1698-1700 (Andrew Bleskin)
R54-0004 - Officer. Dutch, 1660's (Andrew Bleskin)
R54-0005 - Strelets Major (Polugolova). Russia, XVI-XVII Century (Andrew Bleskin)
R54-0006 - Strelets in action. Russia, XVI-XVII Century (Andrew Bleskin)
R54-0007 - Strelets Captain. Russia, XVI-XVII Century (Andrew Bleskin)
R54-0008 - Strelets. Russia, XVI-XVII Century (Andrew Bleskin)
R54-0009 - Les Bombardiers de la Marine. France, 1701-03 (Andrew Bleskin)
R54-0010 - Soldat de la Marine. France, 1730 (Andrew Bleskin)

Napoleonic 54mm
N54-0001 - Horse Guard, the Mameluk, France, 1806-13 (Andrew Bleskin)
N54-0002 - Cuirassiers, the Officer. France, 1812 (Vladimir Danilov)
N54-0003 - Napoleon Bonaparte, France, 1796 (Vladimir Danilov)
N54-0004 - Line Infantry, the Officer, Great Britain, 1812-15 (Andrew Bleskin)
N54-0005 - Foot artillery, the Gunner. Great Britain, 1854-56 (Andrew Bleskin)
N54-0006 - Line Infantry, Fusilier. Austria, 1859 (Andrew Bleskin)
N54-0007 - Line infantry, Musketeer in winter dress. Russia, 1812-14 (Dmitry Shevchuk)
N54-0008 - Line Infantry, Grenadier in winter dress. Russia, 1812-14 (Dmitry Shevchuk and Michael Presnukhin)

Wild West 54mm
I54-0001 - Pow Wow Dancer, Native Indian (Sergey Zlobov)
Wild West 90mm
I90-0002 - Cowboy, Texas, 1880's (Dmitry Shevchuk)
World Wars
[Nothing known to have been listed in this category]
[Nothing known to have been listed in this category]
War Games
[Nothing known to have been listed in this category]

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