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Monday, 3 August 2015


Germany (website dead - April 2014)

Mid 2000's-mid 2010's

Konstantin Hellstern and Wolfgang Hauch - proprietors Resin kits and accessories for road transport aimed at the model railway hobby, some aimed at converting or super detailing more commercial products, all in European HO gauge/1:87th scale.

Construction Equipment
- Concrete Claw for Atlas 2004, Liebherr 934/954, 8 Parts (resin)
- Hydraulic Undercarriage for Liebherr 934/954, 4 Parts (resin)
- Longfront for Liebherr 934, 5 Parts (resin)
- O&K Dumper Conversion Kit (resin/transfers/metal parts)
- Reclining boom for Liebherr 934, 4 Parts (resin)
- Scrap Claw for Atlas 2004, Liebherr 934/954, 8 Parts (resin)

Cranes and Accessories
- 720t Lift Structure 4 Point Lift Systems 48A, 22 Parts (resin)
- Gottwald AMK200-83 (milled-resin)
- Liebherr LTM1300 1991-99 Conversion Kit (milled-resin)
- Liebherr LTM1400 Conversion Kit with Liebherr Engine (milled-resin)

- Corrugated Sheet Metal 180/90x135x01mm (resin)
- Pipe-end 28mm (resin)
- Pipe-end 14mm (resin)
- Pipe lid 40 or 50mm (resin)
- Reducing Piece 50 to 40mm (resin)
- Trafo-Union transformer (resin)
- Wind Turbine Blade with 2 Transport Racks (resin)

Tractor and Cab Units and Accessories (articulated lorries)
- MAN E2000 3t Construction Site Bumper (resin)
- MAN E2000 3t Heavy Duty Bumper (resin)
- MAN F90 Heavy Duty Bumper (resin)
- MAN TGA 3t/5t Bumper (resin)
- MB Actros Wheel Covers, 2/3 Parts (resin)
- MB SK Allrad Bumper, 1 Parts (resin)
- Titan Iveco Piece for Raised Cab (resin)
- Titan MB Actros Bumper, 2 Parts (resin)
- Titan MB Actros MP2 Bumper, 2 Parts (resin)
- Trilex Rims for Herpa Tyres, 2 Parts (resin)
- Rims for Herpa/Memo Tyres, 2 Parts (resin)
- Rims for Kibri Tyres, 2 Parts (resin)

Trailers and Accessories (articulated lorries)
- Cover panels for Kibri Scheuerle-Roller, 20 Parts (resin)
- Goldhofer THP Cover Panels (plastic)
- Goldhofer THP Bolting Set, 2 Parts (resin)
- Goldhofer THP Gooseneck (resin)
- Goldhofer THP/L 3-axle, 2.75m, 13 Parts (resin)
- Goldhofer THP/L 4-axle, 2.75m, 17 Parts, (resin)
- Goldhofer THP/Scheuerle Coupler Heads, 2 Pieces (resin)
- Goldhofer THP/ST 3-axle, 3m, 13 Parts (resin)
- Goldhofer THP/ST 4-axle, 3m, 17 Parts (resin)
- Goldhofer THP Towing Adapter (resin)
- Scheuerle 6-axle mechanic, Conversion kit, 2 Parts (resin)
- Scheuerle 300t Deck, Mayer Prototype (milled-resin)
- Scheuerle Intercombi 2-axle, 3m, 12 Parts (resin)
- Scheuerle Intercombi 3-axle, 3m, 16 Parts (resin)
- Scheuerle Intercombi 4-axle, 3m, 22 Parts (resin)
- Scheuerle Intercombi 5-axle, 3m, 26 Parts (resin)
- Scheuerle Intercombi 6-axle, 3m, 31 Parts (resin)

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