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Monday, 3 August 2015

4-Mil - 4mil Models

Emley, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK
One Hag Hill Lane,  Emley, Huddersfield, United Kingdom HD8 9QT

Malcolm Noble, John Royle, Tom Muir and Cath Murphy (joint owners/master sculptors)
Manufacturer of resin, white metal and mixed-media civilian vehicles and AFV’s in 1:76 scale back in the late 1980's/early 1990's, stopped manufacturing to become one of the first online shops, which didn't work out and they have now ceased trading. Range ran to more than 100 vehicles.

Listing (very incomplete)
? - Ford 6x4 Chassis X-ray Vehicle (material unknown, used by British and Canadian casualty clearing stations)
? - Dennis Fire Engine (material unknown)
? - Bussing Nag G31 6X4 Kfz 76 (material unknown)
? - Green Goddess (material unknown, Bedford 'fire-appliance')
? - Saracen Armoured Patrol Carrier (material unknown)
? - FV 651 Alvis Salamander Fire/Crash Tender (material unknown)
? - GAZ-60 Half Track USSR (material unknown)
? - Alvis Saracen (material unknown, as above)
? - Series 1 Land Rover (material unknown, short wheel-base?)
? - Artillery Tractor (vehicle make/type and material unknown)
? - Bedford Truck (vehicle type and material unknown)
? - Saxon APC (material unknown)
RV41 - Model T Ford MG Carrier (resin)
RV60 - Morris Commercial D-Type 30cwt 6x4 GS (resin)
MT32 - Australian Artillery Tractor No.3 1940 Ford 01T (metal)

What They Say
"With regret we have to announce that 4 Mil Models has stopped operating as an online shop with immediate effect. Falling sales over the last 22 months with no up-turn in sight have put us in this position."

What This Entry Needs
Full listing
Better company history
Useful links

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