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Monday, 3 August 2015

4D Master - 4D Puzzle - Famemaster - Fame Master Enterprise Ltd. - FM

Fame Master Enterprise Ltd., Room 1516, 15/F, Wah Wai Centre, 38-40 Au Pui Wan Street, Fo Tan, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong, China
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Founded in 1997, and taking an 'Alien' license in '98, this producer of touristy/museum gift-shop type stuff and educational models found a niche making 3D puzzles, among which are some nice near HO gauge AFV's and a few space sets with figures, regularly cleared though 'The Works' bookshops in the 2010's in the UK. The 4th 'D' stands for 'detail' not time!

Partial Listing
Item No.:26116 - Space Shuttle Cutaway (1:72, with 3 figures, 2 in overalls, one suited for space)
Item No.:26117 - Saturn V Rocket Cutaway (1:100, with lunar and command modules)
Item No.:26129 - Apollo 11 Lunar Module (1:72, with 2 figures)
Item No.:26130 - Apollo 11 Command/Service Module (1:72, with 3 figures)
Item No.:26370 - Apollo Astronaut (1:20, 28 parts)
Item No.:26371 - Command Module Rocket (1:100, Apollo series command/service module)
Item No.:26372 - Lunar Lander (1:100, Apollo series lunar module)
Item No.:26373 - Apollo 11 Saturn V Rocket (1:750)
Item No.:26374 - Lunar Rover with Astronaut (1:35, astronaut in 7 parts)
Item No.:26375 - Space Shuttle on Boing 747 Jumbo-jet (1:450)
Item No.:26376 - Shuttle W/ Booster on Launching Pad (1:450)
Item No.:26377 - Space Shuttle (1:200)
Item No.:26378 - Astronaut with MMU (1:20)
Item No.:26382 - ISS [International Space Station] with Space Shuttle (1:450)
Item No.:26383 - X37B Spaceplane (1:50)

Military (1:90)
Item No.:26320 - SdKfz. 181"Tiger 1" Woodland Camouflage (late war three colour, turret No; 223)
Item No.:26321 - SdKfz. 181"Tiger 1" Grey (turret No; 712)
Item No.:26320 - SdKfz. 181"Tiger 1" Camouflage (brown stripes over panzer-yellow, turret No; 144)
Item No.:26323 - SdKfz. 181"Tiger 1" Winter (whitewash over panzer-grey, turret No; S04)
Item No.:26324 - M1A2 Abrams, Dessert (sand with black recognition V's)
Item No.:26325 - M1A2 Abrams, Woodland (late NATO red-oxide on green)
Item No.:26326 - M1A2 Abrams, Dessert Camouflage (sand with brown stripes and black recognition V's)

Helicopters (1:125)
Item No.:26300 - AH-64 Black Apache
Item No.:26301 - AH-64 Apache

Monsters (Approximately 120mm)
Item No.:26840 - Blaze Dragon
Item No.:26841 - Hail Dragon
Item No.:26842 - Emerald Dragon
Item No.:26843 - Mystery Dragon
Item No.:26844 - Ardent Dragon
Item No.:26845 - Wizard Dragon
Item No.:26846 - Galegon
Item No.:26847 - Zombie-Kong
Item No.:26848 - Ancalagon
Item No.:26849 - Cyborgic-Rex

Dinosaurs and Paleontological Specimens (scales vary)
Item No.:26400 - Styracosaurus
Item No.:26401 - Saltasaurus
Item No.:26402 - Tyrannosaurus Rex
Item No.:26403 - Velociraptor
Item No.:26404 - Amargasaurus
Item No.:26405 - Ceratosaurus
Item No.:26406 - Pachycephalosaurus
Item No.:26407 - Acrocanthosaurus
Item No.:26408 - Parasaurolophus
Item No.:26409 - Seismosaurus
Item No.:26410 - Pentaceratops
Item No.:26411 - Iguanodon
Item No.:26412 - Brachiosaurus
Item No.:26413 - Kentrosaurus
Item No.:26414 - Plesiosaurus
Item No.:26415 - Carnotaurus
Item No.:26416 - Euoplocephalus
Item No.:26417 - Raptor
Item No.:26418 - Dimetrodon
Item No.:26419 - Diplodocus
Item No.:26420 - Therizinosaurs
Item No.:26421 - Triceratops
Item No.:26422 - Gorgosaurus
Item No.:26423 - Stegosaurus
Item No.:26440 - Brachiosaurus - Skeleton Fossil
Item No.:26441 - Triceratops - Skeleton Fossil
Item No.:26442 - Tyrannosaurus Rex - Skull Fossil
Item No.:26444 - Tyrannosaurus Rex - Skeleton Fossil
Item No.:26445 - ?
Item No.:26446 - Triceratops - Skull Fossil
Item No.:26800 - Styracosaurus Vs Utahraptor
Item No.:26801 - Hungry Raptor
Item No.:26802 - Tyrannosaurus Rex
Item No.:26803 - Brachiosaurus
Item No.:26804 - Carnotaurus
Item No.:26805 - Kentrosaurus

On home Blog: http://smallscaleworld.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/4DMaster

What They Say
"Our Mission - To innovate and develop excellent quality toys with challenging and fun. To explore new educational toys to bless the next generation. To be the bridge between kids and parents."

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