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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

120 Mini / AMP Miniatures / Maurice Corry Ltd. / UT Design

Company/ies seem/s to have flourished between 2010 and 2014.

http://www.120mini.com/ (link dead April 2014)

AMP Miniatures, 32 Malmesbury Road, Coventry, CV6 2HY, UK
AMP eMail; andrewpunshon@rocketmail.com

Maurice Corry Ltd., Unit 1.1, The Arches Industrial Estate, Coventry, CV1 3JQ
Maurice Corry Ltd., c/o U T Design, Unit 1.1, The Arches Industrial Estate, Coventry, CV1 3JQ
Maurice Corry eMail; moz1409@hotmail.co.uk

Maurice Corry - Founder/sole trader? Andrew Punshon - Artist

Announced forthcoming cold cast bronze statuettes and busts of military, motorsports and other subjects in 2014, it is believed to have not happened, they also offered range of poured resin busts, figure kits and accessories along with sculpting/casting equipment. Presumably Andrew Punshon was one of the artists the company used, and behind the subsidiary AMP?

Known Ranges
1:9th Resin Busts
? - British Infantry Northern Ireland 1979/1980
1:10th Resin Busts
? - British Infantry PIAT Gunner 1945 (sculpted by Maurice Corry)
1:15th / 120mm Resin Figure Kits
AMP-1 - (British Paratrooper)
AMP-2 - (British Paratrooper)
AMP-3 - (British Paratrooper)
AMP-4 - (British Paratrooper)
AMP-FF - Parachute Regiment - Arnhem 1944 (vignette of AMP-1/4 with base; AMPV)
? - Officer 5th Dragoon Guards 1854
? - Coldstream Guardsman Crimea 1854 (sculpted by Maurice Corry)
? - Javelin Operator Afghanistan 2010
200mm Resin Figure Kits
? - 3 Para GPMG Gunner, Falklands, 1982
? - U.S. 82nd Airborne 1944
? - SAS Task Force Black Iraq 2006
75mm Figures
? - Officer 16th Lancers Aliwal 1846
? - Grenadier Guardsman Crimea 1854 (from 2013 this figure came free with orders over £25)
? - Officers/Troopers Head Set British Lancers 1845-1855
AMPV - Arnhem Parachute Vignette Base
[Nothing known to have been listed in this category]
[Nothing known to have been listed in this category]
Silicone Rubbers
[Nothing known to have been listed in this category]
Casting Equipment
[Nothing known to have been listed in this category]
Parts Box
AMP-WS2 - Bren Guns x2 (120mm/1:15th scale, two Bren guns with bipod folded and bipod extended)
? - SA80/L85A2 (with RIS/ACOG/GRIPOD)
Scale / Size Unknown
? - Coldstream Guardsman 1815

What This Entry Needs
Better listing of products
Better understanding of the companies and their histories/relationships

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