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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

1st Corps Ltd.

Address: 3 The Parkway, Snaith, East Yorkshire, DN14 9JN, UK
Dates: Early-2000's - 2006

Phone: 01405 860094
Alt: 01405 862928

Purchased in 2006 by and see also; Curteys Miniatures
See also: Kingmaker

A short-lived company with a reasonably wide range of white-metal figures announced (it's not known how many were produced) from most of the major historical periods and some fantasy/Sci-fi figures. Some moulds seem closer to 28mm and now reside with (or are still carried by?) Kingmaker Miniatures (2012), while TMP reports that Curteys Miniatures bought the bulk of the company.

25mm White metal Figures
- Roman skeletons
- Greeks (550BC-400BC)
- Achmaenid Persians (550BC-400BC)
- Carthage (1st-3rd Punic Wars)
- Spanish
- Celts and Gauls
- Republican Roman (300BC-105BC)
- Marian Roman (105BC-27BC)
- Roman Early Imperial (27BC-100AD)
- Germanic Tribes
- Slave Revolt
- Indians
- Samurai (12th and 13th Centuries)
- Mongols (12th and 13th Centuries)
- Hibernians
18th Century (Seven Years War)
- British
- French
- Indians
American Civil War (closer to 28mm)
- Union
- Confederate
19th Century (Cape Frontier Wars)
- British
- Xhosa
- Boers
Mexican-American War
- Americans
- Mexicans
- British
- German
- Japanese
- Russian
- U.S.
Science Fiction
- Colonial Troopers
- Parasites

Some moulds now here

What This Entry Needs
Better understanding of scale differentials
Better history

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