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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

3R - 3Reich - '3rd Reich'

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1:6th scale figures, see website for more information.

Product Listing
German Figures
Item No: GM605 - Reinhard Heydrich 1904-1942 (SS-Obergruppenführer)
Item No: GM606 - Heinrich Himmler 1900-1945 (Head of the SS)
Item No: GM607 - President of German Reich (Karl Dönitz 1891-1980)
Item No: GM608 - Adolf Hitler 1929-1939
Item No: GM609 - Adolf Hitler 1940-1945
Item No: GM609BH - Adolf Hitler Bonus Head-sculpt
Item No: GM613 - Joseph Goebbels 1897-1945 (Reich Minister of Propaganda)
Item No: GM614 - Joseph Goebbels (desktop accessory set)
Item No: GM615 - Joseph Goebbels (furniture set)
Item No: GM616 - Hermann Göring 1893-1946 (head of the Luftwaffe)
Item No: GM617 - Hermann Göring 2nd Edition (head of the Luftwaffe)
Item No: GM618 - Hermann Göring (furniture set)
Item No: GM619 - Hermann Göring (decoration set)
Item No: GM620 - Hermann Göring Gift Set (cup and stamp)
Item No: GM621 - Erwin Rommel 'Desert Fox' (Generalfeldmarschall)
Item No: GM622 - Herbert Otto Gille (SS-Obergruppenführer und General der Waffen-SS)
Item No: GM623 - Leon (Musikkorps der SS Volume 1, SS ceremonial unit bugle / SS snare drummer)
Item No: GM624 - Wilhelm Keitel (Generalfeldmarschall)
Item No: GM625 - Jakob Grmminger (SS-Blood Banner bearer)
Item No: GM626 - Heinz Guderian (Generaloberst)
Item No: HL601 - Adolf Hitler 1889-1945

Japanese Figures
Item No: JC001 - Golgo13 Mr. Duke Togo (ゴルゴ13/デューク東郷, the professional assassin for hire)
Item No: JP602 - Nakamura Ryuichi 中村龍一 (The Imperial Japanese Army)
Item No: JP603 - Major Ito Hirobumi 少佐 伊藤隆夫 (IJA 21st Division)
Item No: JP604 - Sergeant Major Suzuki 鈴木 曹長 (IJA airborne Special Forces unit 'Giretsu Kuteitai' 義烈空挺隊)
Item No: JP610 - Toshiro Mifune as Commander in Chief (winter uniform version, 三船敏郎 連合艦隊司令長官ver.冬服タイプ)
Item No: JP611 - Toshiro Mifune as Commander in Chief (summer uniform version, 三船敏郎 連合艦隊司令長官ver.夏服タイプ)

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