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Monday, 3 August 2015

1-600 Shipyard, the - The 1-600 Shipyard

Online (Germany) (defunct model ship page) (redirects to next link)

Early 2000's

Thomas Riepe - sole trader

Produced resin and white metal 1/600 scale WWII ship models, the models were in production for about a year before lack of interest ended the venture. Still offering a painting service as recently as 2008, but email elicited no reply (2014). He also had a devastating flood in 2010, which seems to have helped kill the ship side of his modelling in favour of figure painting.

Vessels known to have been produced (1:600th scale resin with white-metal parts)
- Belgrad Large Mixed Cargo/Passenger Ship*
- British Yard Minesweeper (WWII, BYMS)
- Destroyer Type 1934 (actually 1934a type)**
- Freighter*
- Graf Zeppelin (WWII German Aircraft Carrier)
- Koeln Cruiser
- Karlsruhe
- Mine-laying Ship
- Sperrbrecher 3 (ex-Belgrad)
- U-Boat XX1 Type
- German Zerstorer (Destroyer)**

* Might be same kit
** Might be same kit

What This Entry Needs
Better company history
More accurate listing

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