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Monday, 3 August 2015

1-87 - 1-87 World Tanks Depot - 1-87 WTD (World Tanks Depot) - World Tanks Depot

World Tanks Depot, C / Cuartell, 7 Bajos, 46015 Valencia. España
Telephone: 963 29 69 34.

José Luis Castillo - sole operator and commissioner of the range

Produces a small, limited edition range of military models in 1:87th scale / HO gauge, models are manufactured in China and are hand painted, resin with white metal parts/tracks, some sources state that Andrea Miniatures designed/helped design the masters.

Model listing
No-1 - Panzer VI Tiger I Ausf. E
No-2 - Leopard 2 A4
No-3 - M4A3 Sherman w/75mm gun
No-4 - Ariete
No-5 - T-34/76
No-6 - Chieftain 1 Mk.II
No-7 - AMX-30
No-8 - M3 Lee
No-9 - Panzer II Ausf. F
No-10 - Churchill Mk.VI
No-11 - T-62 A
No-12 - Stridsvagn-103
No-13 - Panzer III Ausf. L
No-14 - Merkava Mk.II
No-15 - Leclerc
No-16 - M13/40
No-17 - Type 97 Chi-Ha
No-18 - Semovente da 75/18
No-19 - Elefant / Elephant
No-20 - Crusader Mk.VI w/6 pdr gun
No-21 - IS-2m (J. Stalin 2)
No-22 - M551 Sheridan
No-23 - Matilda II
No-24 - Schneider
No-25 - T-80
No-26 - Panzer VI Tiger II
No-27 - M24 Chaffee
No-28 - KV-1
No-29 - M48 A3
No-30 - Panzer IV Ausf. G
No-31 - Somua S-35
No-32 - Valentine Mk.I
No-33 - Panzer V Panther Ausf. A
No-34 - Centurion Mk.V
No-35 - M1A1 Abrams
No-36 - Leopard 1 A3
No-37 - MK A 'Whippet'
No-38 - Renault R-35
No-39 - Panzer 38t Ausf. H
No-40 - M3A1 Stuart IV Diesel
No-41 - Char B1 bis
No-42 - Challenger Mk.II
No-43 - T-72 B1
No-44 - M60 A3
No-45 - T-55 M
No-46 - SturmPzW A7V
No-47 - Cromwell Mk.VII
No-48 - Renault FT-17
No-49 - Mk.IV Male
No-50 - M4 A3E8 76mm HVSS
No-51- Complete Collection, 50 different Tank Models

What They Say
"This is a collection of tanks in miniature, mounted and painted, made in resin and low melt metal, and performed to scale 1/87 - HO"

What This Entry Needs
- Confirmation of the Andrea link

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