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Monday, 3 August 2015

3-D Miniatures - 3D Miniatures Design Group

America - Online

Current? (images not showing but copyright updated to 2015)

Producing metal and resin (28mm?) castings for themselves and others (Aberrant Games, Darkson Designs) using new CAD/CAM technology and 3-D printing, they may very well prove to be the future of toy and model soldiers

Bitz Range
3DM-FA-BTZ-0001 - Zombie Heads
3DM-FA-BTZ-0004 - Slugman Alien Heads
3DM-FA-BTZ-0005 - Cyber Ratman Heads
3DM-FA-BTZ-0006 - Mutant Heads
GaurTaur Figure Range
3DM-FA-GAU-0001 - GaurTaur Minotaur
Sumeru Figure Range
3DM-FA-UND-0001 - Hungry Ghost
SF/Weapons Ranges
3DM-SF-BTZ-0001 - Heavy Weapons set
3DM-SF-BTZ-0002 - Caseless Rifle
3DM-SF-BTZ-0003 - Lazer Rifle
Thrade/SF figure ranges
3DM-SF-THR-0001 - Thrade Scout Advancing with Rifle
3DM-SF-THR-0002 - Thrade Scout w/ Rifle Raised, Signalling with Hand
3DM-SF-THR-0003 - Thrade Scout, Kneeling w/ Rifle, Readying to Fire
3DM-SF-THR-0004 - Thrade Scout Armed w/ Dual Disintegrator Pistols
3DM-SF-THR-0005 - Thrade Scout w/ Disintegrator Pistol and Scanner
3DM-SF-THR-0006 - Thrade Scout Using Psychic Powers
3DM-SF-THR-0007 - Thrade Scouting Force
3DM-SF-THR-0008 - Thrade Scout Rifleman Squad
3DM-SF-THR-0009 - Thrade Emissary
‘Crusoe’ Designs
- Ceremonial Tripod/Brazier
- Chaos Stone
- Large Cauldron

Couple of figures on Lost Minis Wiki

What They Say
"Our products are intended for adults or mature children. Miniatures are supplied unpainted, unassembled, and may require the use of tools and adhesives for assembly. Oversee all children undertaking such tasks until you are certain of their abilities."

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