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Monday, 3 August 2015

3M - Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company - MMM

3M, St. Paul, Minnesota 55101, USA
Webpage; (global gateway)


This multi-national, multi-product behemoth produced a number of board games in the 1960's and '70's among which was the the game ‘Feudal’ which contained 6 different coloured armies of 13 figures each, scale varies with the 'command' figure being bigger than the others. Some of the games (they are linked to 70-odd on Board Game Geek) are licensed, cross pollinated or joint projects with other makers such as Milton Bradley (MB Games) and Avalon Hill so it may have been 3M's position in the paper/stationary industries that led to their involvement?

Board Games
- Feudal (1969, English language [US] edition)
- Feudal (1969, German language edition)

3M on Wikipedia

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