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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

3r DCC - Complex Logic Design (CLD)

Lafayette, Colorado, USA

1999- 2005 (ish)
Website activity 2001-2015

Ivan Meek - Owner/Press Officer?

As in '3-Rail Digital Command [and] Control. Company was promoting their DCC system (Digital Command and Control) for older three-rail model railroad (railway) systems such as Lionel, they also announced 'the first' Mobile Uncoupler Decoder for DCC control systems. The 'technology for the next 100 years' didn't seem to last 10?

Known Products
- Combiner Module
- Provider Module
- Mobile Uncoupler Decoder (axle-mounting PCB attachments)
- Separator Module (announced)
- Catalogue/Flyer (at least one exists)

On Waybackmachine web-archive

What They Say
"3rDCC is a robust new command control system that combines classic AC power with the technical advances of digital command control, giving you superior performance and virtually unlimited capabilities."

What This Entry Needs
Full history of project

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