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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

410M - Stewart-Lundahl Company

Stewart-Lundahl Company, USA (original owner)

Ulrich, North Hollywood, California, USA (later owner/commissioning contractor?)

See also: Ulrich

Hobby paint (and adhesives etc?), originally designed for wood/metal models, it was lacquer-based and would craze or melt the top surface of styrene models as they gained in popularity. Consequently a new formula was produced for polystyrene kits, a waterproof vinyl coating with an alcohol base, which is said to have been very good, mixing and thinning easily for airbrushing, drying to a fine satin. It was not compatible with its contemporaries though, using its own thinner/cleaner.

By the time they disappeared they seem to have been owned by or re-branded to Ulrich (who had had their own paint range?). I should point out the the Internet will tell you it's 'Ambroid', 'Stewart/Undall' or 'Floquil (410M)', as far as I know Floquil were a separate brand (eventually part of Testors, now withdrawn), Ambroid made (still make) glue (and a range of wooden railway kits) and the Undall thing?...typo!

410M is also the brand/coding for various 3M double-sided bonding tapes!

Known Products (paint formula-change date unknown, so assume both types before Ulrich re-branding?)
- 410M Clear Gloss
- 410M Thinner (old type, 48cc Jar)
- 410M Thinner (old type, 8oz tin can)
- Spray Gun (could be operated with a vacuum cleaner!)
- Marine Spar Varnish (gloss)
- Marine Spar Varnish (flat/matt)
- Reusable, Detachable Spray Head (for spray cans)
6oz. Spray Cans
MS-3 - Clear Gloss (same as Marine Spar Varnish, hot fuel proof)
MS-3F - Clear Flat (same as Marine Spar Varnish, hot fuel proof, smoothes paint marks)
RS-1 - 410M Flat Black (can be used on acetate plastics and is hot fuel proof)
R5-22 - Metal Primer (vinyl-base, zinc chromate, dries in 10 minutes)
Paints (at least 17 colours in 48cc Jars, original/railway range?)
R.1 - Flat Black
R.2 - Box Car Red
R.3 - Reefer Yellow
R.4 - Reefer Orange
R.5 - Tuscan Red (colour for Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) passenger cars)
R.6 - Pullman Green
R.7 - Coach Green
R.8 - Caboose red
R.9 - Roof Brown
R.10 - White
R.11 - Blue
R.12 - Gray [sic]
R.13 - Box Car green
R.14 - Tank Car yellow (bulk-tankers)
R.15 - Socony Red (Mobil Oil Co. colour (and New Haven (NH) railroad?))
R.48 - Orange
Five Tin Colour Assortments (with thinner and brush)
101 - Model Railroad Box Car Colors [sic]
102 - Model Railroad Reefer Car Colors [sic]
103 -
104 -
105 - Brilliant Colors [sic] for all models

Paints (Ulrich branded range)
S30 -
S31 - Black
S32 - Rust (brown)
S33 - Yellow
S34 - Tuscan Red Brown (oxide brown, previously R.5)
S35 - Thinner (new type)
S36 - Aluminum [sic]
S37 - White
S38 -
S39 - Light Gray [sic]
S40 - Light Green
S41 - Field Grey
S42 - Medium Green
S43 - Light Blue
S44 - Dark Blue
S45 -
S46 - Red
S47 -
S48 -
S49 - Dark Brown
S50 - Olive Drab
S51 - Khaki
S52 - Flesh
S53 -
S54 -
S55 -

What They Say
"4l0M is the finest plastic paint ever developed strictly for the model railroader. Apply with a brush or spray. Gives a flat, weathered appearance without loss of detail"

"One coat, no primer required!"

"Dries dust-free in 5 minutes!"

What This Entry Needs
Company history
Better paint/product listing

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