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Thursday, 24 March 2016

20mm Nostalgia Revival - 20mm Nostalgic Revival

2008-12, (flourished 2010/11)

See also: Douglas Miniatures, Les Higgins, Niblett and Wodensfeld

John 'old John' Cunningham - Founder/Owner
This company is/was (?) obtaining old moulds and getting them back into production, in the works are/were figures from Douglas (Crimean War troops) and Niblett's English Civil War range. Recent emails have proved fruitless and I seem to remember someone saying the project was handed-over/taken-over by a third-party so…? Nothing has been announced since 2011, with no new blog posts since 2012

Known Range
Original Sculpts (20mm)
- Wellington in India (Sepoys)
- Akalis Fanatics (19th century Sikhs)

- Arqubusiers de Grassin (1740's, Harquebusiers)
- Irish Piquets (1740's, Pickets)

- Polish Troops (17th century)
American Civil War (ex-Wodensfeld)
- James Longstreet
- Major Taylor
- Officer in Kepi (2 versions)
- Officer in Hat (2 versions)
- Robert E Lee
- Stonewall Jackson
Other Sourced Vintage Moulds (20mm)
- English Civil War (ex-Les Higgins)
- Seven Years War (ex-Wodensfeld)
- Marlburian Period (ex- Douglas Miniatures/Les Higgins)

20mm Nostalic Revival Blog

What This Entry Needs
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Full history
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