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Thursday, 24 March 2016

12 Inches Factory

Vordere Esch 4, 72224 Ebhausen, Germany
(and on-line)

Tel: (0049) (0)7054 - 9294777

Manuel Holz- owner
1/6th scale action figures/doll modeller, seem to produce some aftermarket parts, namely; replacement heads along with helmets and Hitler Youth drums. Also there is a small range of .pdf files which I'm guessing are tutorials on dressing and super-detailing 12-inch military dolls.

PDF Documents
- XX Police Division
- 169th Infantry Division
- Volksgrenadierdivision Aachen1944
- Battle with the Pig
- Gasmaskenb├╝chse
- Falaise Pocket
- Installing Glass Eyes in a Dragon Head
- Mg. Gunner Russia 1943 Charkov
- Panzerfaust
- Repaint with Acrylics
- Sculpting BlainVentura
- Tutorial-Handgrenade
- US Medic Tanker 1944

What This Entry Needs
Whatever anyone thinks it does!
Better/definitive product listing

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