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Thursday, 24 March 2016

5 & 10 Corps - Five-and-dime Corps

Austin, Texas, USA (defunct)

Ed Poole - Founder/owner
All details taken from Rodney's Dimestore website (see link below)

The figures are quite rare as they were only ever traded, not sold, although a Ron Eccles does produce them for retail now apparently, although I couldn't find him on the 'net. Dealers do carry them occasionally and both a history of the moulds and the odd figure will be found on the below link to Rodney's Dimestore, from where this listing was obtained.

I'm assuming they are 54mm/60mm whitemetal solids in a 'dime-store' style with larger accessories in resin. Most figures were available in campaign hat, tin helmet ('Brodie' or British pattern), or peaked service caps.

The Veterans
1 - X-Ray Technician
2 - Folding-stock Tommy Gunner
3 - Kneeling with 30cal. Machine-gun
4 - Flamethrower
5a - Sharpshooter
5b - Prone with Rifle
6a - Running Ammo Carriers, .30 & .50cal.
6b - Running Ammo Carriers, 37mm
7 - Prone with Air-Cooled .30cal Light Machine-gun
8a - Prone Lewis Gunner
8b - Prone B.A.R. Gunner
9 - Kneeling Firing Pistol
10 - Kneeling with .50cal. Machine-gun
11a - Prone with .50cal. Ammo
11b - Prone with .30cal. Ammo
12 - Prone, Firing 45
13 - Prone, Firing Tommy Gun
14a - Gesturing Defiantly with U.S. Flag & Pistol
14b - Gesturing Defiantly with German Uniform, Flag & Pistol
15 - Officer Standing, Arm Up
16 - Prone with Pistol Raised
17 - Seated Officer with Map
18 - Wounded, Falling

19 Series - Armored Corps Personnel (circa 1938, in leather helmets, goggles and high boots)
19a - Seated Tank Commander
19b - Prone Tommy Gunner
19c - Charging Tommy Gunner
19d - Standing

20 Series - More Lewis Gunners
20a - Lewis Machine Gun on Anti-Aircraft Mount
20b - Kneeling Gunner to Fire Lewis Gun Looking Up
20c - Kneeling Lewis Ammo Loader Looking Up
20d - Kneeling Sgt. with Binoculars Looking Up
20e - Standing Officer with Binoculars Looking Up
20f - Soldier Crouching Firing Lewis Gun
20g - Kneeling Lewis Gun Loader
20h - Soldier Running with 2 Lewis Ammo Pouches
20i - Soldier Carrying Detachable Lewis Gun on Shoulder, Leading Dog with Ammunition Pouches
20j - Soldier Firing Lewis Gun Skyward from the Other's Shoulder (two figures)
Set 20a-e - Lewis Machine Gun on Anti-Aircraft Mount with Crew
Set 20f-g - Lewis Trench Gunners

21 Series - Attention
21a - Slung Rifle
21b - Slung B.A.R.
21C - Slung Tommy Gun (with box magazine)
21C - Slung Tommy Gun (with drum magazine)
21d - Slung Lewis Gun
21e - Officer with Holstered Pistol & Binoculars
21f - Rifle at 'Port Arms'
21g - B.A.R. at 'Port Arms'
21h - Tommy Gun at 'Port Arms' (with box magazine)
21h - Tommy Gun at 'Port Arms' (with drum magazine)
21i - Lewis Gun at 'Port Arms'
21j - Lewis Gun Loaded with Drum at 'Ready'
21k - Rifle at 'Order Arms'
21l - B.A.R. at 'Order Arms'
21m - Thompson SMG at 'Order Arms'
21n - Lewis Gun at 'Order Arms'
21o - Rifle at 'Slope Arms'

22 Series - Colour Bearers
22a - U.S. Flag (charging)
22a - U.S. Flag (marching)
22b - Branch of Service Flag (charging)
22b - Branch of Service Flag (marching)
22c - Guidon (charging)
22c - Guidon (marching)
22d - Five & Dime Corps Flag (charging)
22d - Five & Dime Corps Flag (marching)

23 Series - Charge of the 5 & 10 Corps
23a - Rifle at 'Port Arms'
23b - Tommy Gun at 'Port Arms'
23c - B.A.R. at 'Port Arms'
23d - Pistol at Ready
23e - Bugler, Rifle Slung
23f - Rifle at 'Trail'
23g - Tommy Gun at the 'Trail'
23h - B.A.R. at the 'Trail'
23i - Lewis Gun at the 'Trail'
23j - Rifle Slung
23k - Tommy Gun Slung
23l - B.A.R. Slung
23m - Lewis Machine Gun Slung
23n - Lewis Machine Gun on Shoulder
23o - Lewis Machine Gun at 'Port Arms'
23p - Air-Cooled Browning .30cal. LMG on Shoulder
24 - ?

25 Series - Colour Bearers at Attention
25a - U.S. Flag
25b - Guidon
25c - Red Cross Flag
25d - Branch of Service Flag
25e - 5 & 10 Corps Flag

26 Series - Machine Gunners (Choice between a Browning .30cal water-cooled MG, a .50cal water-cooled MG or .50cal air-cooled MG with AA mount)
26a - Running Gun on Shoulder
- Running Tripod on Shoulder
- Seated holding Gun
- Seated holding Tripod
- Seated with Ammo Boxes
- Browning .30 cal. Machine Gun on Tripod
- Kneeling Gunner to fire Machine Gun
- Prone Feeding Ammo Belt from Box
- Crouching with 2 Ammo Boxes
- Prone with 2 Reserve Ammo Boxes
- Kneeling Sgt. with Binoculars
- Sgt. Running, Walking or Seated with Binoculars & Pistol and or Thompson Machine Gun

27 Series - Mortars (81mm mortar or components)
- Running Mortar Tube on Shoulder
- Running Tripod On Shoulder
- Running with Base Plate
- Running with Ammo Pouches
- Seated Holding Mortar Tube
- Seated with Bipod
- Seated with Base Plate
- Seated with Ammo Pouches
- Walking Mortar Tube on Shoulder
- Walking Bipod on Shoulder
- Walking with Base Plate
- Walking with Ammo Pouches
- Mortar, 81mm 3 (Components, Folding Bipod)
- Kneeling to Aim Mortar
- Kneeling to Load Mortar
- Crouching to Load Mortar
- Kneeling with Binoculars
- Crouching with Ammo Bags

Weapon Carts - To the Front Series (two Soldiers or Marines or Sailors, standing or running, pulling heavy/support weapon on a wheeled cart - pre-WWII. Each can be displayed with weapon mounted or dismounted)
- Water Cooled Machine Gun
- 81mm Mortar
- Lewis Gun
- Ammo Cart (No Weapon)

Trench Guns (M1916 37mm, each with soldiers or two marines)
32a - 37mm Trench Gun Pulled on Detachable Wheels by 2 Figures Standing or Running
32b - 37mm Trench Gun Fired from Tripod by 4- man Crew, Prone
33c - 37mm Trench Gun Fired from Wheeled Carriage by 4- man Crew, Prone

34 Series - Seated Soldiers (intended for trucks, crews or bivouac scenes)
34a - Driver (or typist, sewing-machine operator or pianist)
34b - Soldier Holding Rifle, B.A.R. or Tommy Gun
34c - Radio Operator (no radio)
34d - Holding Lewis Gun
34e - Holding Air-Cooled LMG
34f - Holding Drawn Pistol
34g - Holding-on to His Hat

35 Series - Artillerymen
35a - Standing with Shell
35b.Kneeling with Shell
35c. Rangefinder

35d. Officer in Peaked Cap with Binoculars
- Crouching Officer, Arm Upraised
- Gun Captain, Arm Upraised, Kneeling
35g - Gun Trainer, Crouching
35h - Gun Pointer, Kneeling
35i - Gunner, Crouching with Trail-spike
35j - Forward Observer, Prone with Field Telephone and Pistol
35k - Forward Observer, Prone with Binoculars and Pistol
35l - Field Gun (ex-Barclay No.2; Long Range Cannon - with shield, wheels & camouflage paint added)
35m - Standing with Shell or Powder Bag (in various sizes)
35n - Officer Peering Through Battery Commander's Telescope on Tripod
35o - Officer Looking Through Spotting Telescope on Tripod
35p - Gunner with Aiming Circle on Tripod
35q - Gunner with Map Board on Tripod
35r - Officer Pointing

36 - ?
37 - ?

38 Series - Signal Corps (featuring 'The Newsreelers')
38a - Running with Newsreel Camera and Folding Tripod
38b - Running with Movie Film Cans
38c - Standing Operator with Movie Camera
38d - Prone with Movie Camera
38e - Soldier Talking on Field Telephone-Standing, Seated or Prone
38f - Officer in Peaked Cap Talking on Phone-Standing, Seated or Prone
38g - Radio Operator with Radio and 2 Chests
38h - Flag Signalman (ex-All Nu pose)
38i - Telegrapher, Prone with Morse Set
38j - Soldier with Messenger Dog
39 - ?

40 Series - Medics
40a - Running Stretcher on Shoulder

40b - Running Stretcher on Trail
40c - Running Stretcher Team (2 men and stretcher)
40d - Wounded (ex-Barclay pose with added Hat)
40e - Standing with Stretcher on Shoulder
40f - Standing with Stretcher held Vertical
40g - Seated with First Aid Bag
40h - Standing Stretcher Team (2-man team and stretcher)
40i - Marching with Aid Box and Folded Stretcher
40j - Walking with Stretcher (2-man team and stretcher)
40J - Medic with Dog
40k - Crouching with First Aid Bag
40l - Chaplin Kneeling

40 Series - Vignettes
Set #40D - Larger Stretcher Team; 4 Men Running with Stretcher, One Holding onto his Hat
Set #40E - Larger Stretcher Team; 4 Men Walking, Carrying Stretcher on their Shoulder

Set #40F - 2 Medics Walking or Running, Pulling Cart with 4 Medical Store Boxes
41-49 - ?

50 Series - Bands (up to 13 pieces per band)
50a - Army Standing or Sitting
50b - Marines Standing
50c - Navy Standing or Marching
50d - Army, Jazz Band (varied number of black and white members, piano by either Eccles or Steinway)
51-59 - ?

6* Series - Naval Landing Party (blue or white uniforms)
Sailors Pulling Weapons Carts (standing or marching)
60a -.30 cal. Machine Gun
60b - 81mm Mortar
60c - Lewis Light Machine Gun
60d - Ammo Cart (No Weapon)

Sailors Standing or Marching (weapons slung)
61a - Rifle
61b - Tommy Gun
61c - B.A.R.
61d - Lewis Gun
61e - Lewis Loader

Sailors Standing or Marching (weapons at 'Port Arms')
62a - Rifle
62b - SMG
62c - B.A.R.
62d - Lewis Gun
62e - Lewis Gun Loader

63 - Naval Officer (standing or marching with holstered pistol)

Navy Medics
64a - Standing or Walking with Stretcher on Shoulder
64b - Kneeling with First Aid Bag
64c - Walking Stretcher Team (2 men, stretcher and ex-Barclay pose casualty painted as Marine)

Colour Bearers (marching or standing)
65a - U.S. Flag
65b - Navy Flag
65c - Guidon

Other Poses
66 - Bugler (standing or walking)

6* Series - Vignettes
Set #62 - Gun and Limber Pulled by 8 Sailors, Rifles Slung with CPO & Sailor Carrying Telescope
Set #63 - Gun and Limber in Action-Crew of 2 Sailors plus Kneeling Officer with Binoculars
Set #64 - Browning Heavy Machine Gun Firing-Served by Crew of 3 Kneeling Sailors, and Standing Cheif Petty Officer

67-69 - ?

70 Series - U.S. Marines and Bulldog Mascot (almost any 5 & 10 Corps figure can be done as a Marine)
70a/70b - ?
70c - Running with Ammo Boxes
70d - Prone with Tommy Gun
70e - Prone with Rifle
70f - Prone with Lewis Gun
70g - Gesturing Defiantly with U.S. Flag & Pistol

71 Series - Engineers (all engineers can have hat cords painted for infantry, artillery, &etc.)
71a - Walking with Tools-Shovel, Pick, Axe or Sledge Hammer
71b - 2 Men Walking with Timber Balk on Shoulders
71c - Prone with Bangalore Torpedo
71d - Crawling with additional Bangalore Section
71e - Kneeling with Wire Reel and Detonator
71E - Digging with Pick or Shovel
71f - Standing with Shovel, Wiping Brow
71g - Kneeling from Shovel, Drinking from Canteen
71h - Officer Standing or Walking, Pointing
71i - Seated with Axe, Sledge, Pick or Shovel
71j - Carrying Box (or Liquor Case!)

72 Series - Military Police (in campaign hats, helmets or peaked caps with M.P. arm-bands)
72a - Walking with Shotgun Slung or Ready
72b - Walking with Levelled Revolver
72c - Advancing with Vicious Dog, Heavily Armed

73 Series - Trench Fighters
73a - Standing, Chest Bare Rifle Ready
- Advancing Firing Revolver
- Advancing Firing Thompson SMG
- Standing Firing Thompson SMG
- Running Thompson SMG Ready
- Crouching with Pistol or Bayoneted Shotgun or Rifle and/or Grenade

74 Series - The Corps Salutes (saluting poses - to order)
74 Figure of choice painted as; Arm of Service (Soldiers, Sailors and Marines), + Rank (Officers, NCO's and Enlisted Men), + Pose (Standing, Marching or Seated Saluting) [You should never salute sitting down - you should stiffen your back to 'attention' and keep your hands together on your lap or the desk/table in front of you!]
75-79 - ?

80 Series - Vehicles (in scale with Barclay soldiers)
- Renault Tank (rotating metal turret, resin hull with rollers)
- 75mm Assault Gun and Crew (copied from vintage 1/36th scale recognition model)


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